Maintaining constant cold throughout your intense delivery schedule is an everyday challenge. When choosing a refrigeration unit, you need to be confident it will help you deliver goods to customers in a perfect state, everytime.


Frequent stops, multiple door openings, traffic congestion, multi-temperature goods and sensitive products – it’s hard to maintain the cold chain. To keep the temperature just right, your refrigeration unit needs to provide quick pull-down and high capacity at all times.


Conventional refrigeration units depend on engine speed and reach optimum capacity at 2400 RPM. But during city deliveries, your van is operating 90% of the time at low speed (under 2400 RPM)*. This compromises refrigeration capacity and makes it even harder to maintain the right temperature for your goods. 

* In a standard urban delivery cycle

OUR ANSWER: The revolutionary Pulsor range. Benefiting from the E-Drive technology associated with an inverter and hermetic variable compressor, Pulsor ensures constant cold throughout the day.


  • Cold Chain Revolution
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Ensuring Sustainability
  • High capacity at idle speed
  • Unequaled Technology

Refrigeration Capacity 

(System net cooling capacity under A.T.P. Conditions at 30° C ambient)

  MCL 850
Capacity on road at 2400rpm 0°C (W) 3 110
Capacity on road at 2400rpm -20°C (W) 1 780
Capacity on road at 1000rpm 0°C (W) 3 110
Capacity on road at 1000rpm -20°C (W) 1 780
Standby capacity* 0°c (W)

3 160

Standby capacity** -20°c (W) 1 805 

Heating Capacity

Heating system (W) 2 100
Standby (W) 2 100


(High speed engine operation)

(AMCA 21085) m3/hr 1 030


Road and standby condenser 91 kg
Evaporator 22 kg


Model BS330/MS330
Displacement 32,7 cm3
n° of cylinders  

Electrical Stand by Motor

Voltage / Phase / Frequency 230/1/50-60 Hz 

400/3/50-60 Hz
Rating 4 500 W


Type R-404A
Charge 1,7 kg

Sound Pressure

High speed 57 dBA


Condenser dimensions (D x W x H) 577 x 1124 x 235 mm

*Stand by capacities are given for 400 VAC version 

**Stand by capacities are linked to voltage version (400 VAC or 230 VAC)

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